Nanoparticles in life sciences and medicineCANdot Series aqua for imaging

Because of their specific physico-chemical properties, nanoparticles hold a great potential for application as diagnostic (e.g. imaging) or therapeutic (e.g. drug delivery) tools in medical research and life sciences. Highly innovative nanoparticle based diagnostic- and therapeutic solutions may finally satisfy persistent unmet medical needs.

CAN GmbH developed a substantial portfolio of premium nanoparticle systems, which fulfill the high standards of preclinical and life science research.
All particle series are characterized by a very narrow size distribution and high dispersibility in buffers and biological fluids, due to CAN GmbH’s proprietary encapsulation technology. As a result, superior lot-to-lot reproducibility, uniform surface chemistry, excellent shelf life and long term stability devoid of agglomeration in biological fluids is achieved.

Highly fluorescent CANdot ® Series A and CANdot ® Series X are comprised of semiconductor materials, or lanthanide-doped1) lattices, resp., whereas CANdot ® Series M is comprised of superparamagnetic iron oxides. CANdot ® Series D are composed of zinc oxide based materials and CANdot ®Series G consists of gold nanoparticles.

Customized particles with individual properties can be engineered on request. Our CANdot customized service includes the development of and functionalization with specific ligands, the modification of standard particles, as well as the development of entirely new nanoparticles.
Our team of experts is looking forward to present you a customized solution for your specific demands. Please contact us.

1 Doping = intentional introduction of impurities into a material for targeted manipulation, or creation of entirely new specific physical, chemical or optical properties.

Dr. Jan Niehaus

Dr. Jan Niehaus