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His Detect reagent for faster and more convenient Westerns His Detect is a ready-to-use reagent for the detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins in Blot assays. It is convenient and highly sensitive as well as greatly time saving compared to ECL standards. There are no additional incubation steps required, neither is any expensive equipment necessary for readout.

The product is based on a robust conjugate of antibodies and gold nanoparticles, thus achieving great selectivity and sensitivity. Protein-His-tags can be identified by eye already 30-90 minutes after being spotted on membranes. Therefore, protein expression levels can be quantified even without requirement of expensive equipment.

Fast & Convenient – using His Detect results in visual verification of results within 30-90 min; no long-lasting blocking and washing steps
Economic – re-usable; no extra equipment required for detection
Sensitive – detection of up to 0.1 pmol protein in one hour or more if staining is prolonged
Selective – antibody mediated specific binding to poly-histidine tagged recombinant proteins
Reliable – product can be reused as long as the solution is colored, no cross-contamination problem

Please review our detailed application and handling note within the handout section to the right.

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Christian Supej

Christian Supej

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