CANdot Series DAntimicrobial Cu- and Mg-doped ZnO nanoparticles

Antimicrobial Nanoparticles can be used in many different applications. Based on many years of nanparticles syntheses, CAN GmbH has developed a new particle system – CANdot ® Series D – that shows antimicrobial activities against different germs like bacteria or fungi.

Protection against germs is essential in different areas like cosmetic products, food or houshold industry. But also and especially in hospitals, increasing resistances of bacteria is causing more and more problems. Depending on shape and size, nanoparticles of CANdot ® Series D can be used in disinfectants, household detergents or preservatives. Cosmetic use of these nanoparticles can be in anti-acne or anti-dandruff products.

The particles can additionally be incorporated into different polymers without affecting their mechanical properties and can therefore be used for antimicrobial surfaces and textiles.

CANdot ® Series D nanoparticles are available in different sizes, from 5 nm to 5000 nm and in different shapes, as dots and rods.

In summary, CANdot ® Series D can be used in:

  • Disinfectants, household cleaners, preservatives
  • Cosmetic products, as active ingrediens in anti-acne or anti-dandruff
  • Antimicrobial surfaces and textiles

Dr. Christoph Gimmler

Dr. Christoph Gimmler