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You can easily buy chosen products of our CANdot ® particle series over our global distributor STREM Chemicals. Using a continuous flow approach for the synthesis we guarantee a high reproducibility and increased particle properties like reduced size distribution und high quantum efficiency. This makes our CANdot highly competitive with other nanoparticles on the market.
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The nanocrystals CANdot Series A are made especially for applications where grand demands are existent. They all are built on a semiconductor material as inorganic core (CdSe). To fulfill the requirements for different tasks our CANdot Series A (plus) are available in two different versions: core and elongated core/shell. Surrounding inorganic shell structures come along with increased stability and photoluminescence. These so called quantum dots feature an emission maximum in the visible range from 525 through 625 nm.

Lead sulfide nanocrystals sold under the CANdot Series C extend our portfolio of fluorescent QuantumDots into the IR region. The emission wavelength of these PbS nanoparticles can be tuned from 1000 to 1600 nm and they are therefore suitable as light absorbing agents or IR emitters. They find employment in the solar cell research. Our CANdot Series C features a sharp emission signal because of their small size distribution and excellent particle stability against heat and irradiation.