CANdot Series AFluorescent nanoparticles for the field of material science

Fluorescent particles for VIS-field

The nanoparticles within our CANdot ®Series A range are highly suitable for applications with increased requirements on the fluorescent dye. They exhibit the following advantages over common dyes:
  • Tunable emission in the VIS (500 to 625 nm)by varying the particle diameter possible
  • Narrow fluorescence band due to small size distribution of the particles
  • High quantum yields
  • Superior stability against heat or exposure to light
  • Homogeneous dispersions in nonpolar media like toluene or hexane, phase transfer to aqueous media possible
  • Functionalisation with affinity molecules of the watersoluble particles possible
  • Multiplexing with different emission colors due to simultaneous excitation of the nanoparticles possible

To fulfill the needs of many different applications our CANdot ® Series A (plus) range is available in 3 different varieties: Core, Core/Shell and Core/Shell/Shell.

Series A Core: These particles are the basic version in our Series A range. They consist of a crystalline CdSe core stabilized by organic ligands on their surface so that they form a homogeneous dispersion in hexane. They can be used as light absorbers in solar cells or as a cheap alternative to the Core/shell and the Core/Shell/Shell particles. They are not suitable for phase transfer into aqeous media.

Series A Core/Shell/Shell: Due to the special combination of CdSe as a core material surrounded by ZnSe as a first and ZnS as a second shell, these kind of particles show a further increase in quantum yields and stability combined with a reduction of toxicity. Therefore these particles are extremely interesting for biomedical research. They can be bought as a dispersion in hexane while a later phase transfer into aqueous media is possible.

Series A plus Core/Shell: Our newest addition to the Series A range combines highest quantum yields (above 75 %) and large absorption cross sections for a maximum of fluorescence intensity. They are extremely suitable for the detection of already tiny amounts of new techniques like 2-photon spectroscopy. Possible emission wavelengths and prices are available upon request.

Dr. Jan Niehaus

Dr. Jan Niehaus

Dr. Christoph Gimmler

Dr. Christoph Gimmler

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