CANdot Series A plusSemiconductor nanocrystals with enormous brightness

Highly fluorescent nanocrystals with emission in the visible range

fluorescent nanoparticles with high quantum yield The nanoparticles from CANdot ® Series A plus (Quantum Dots) are the newest development amending our product portfolio in the area of fluorescent semiconductor nano- materials. They can be applied within the material as well as life science sector.

Our profound and long-lasting knowledge in colloidal syntheses of uniform and highly crystalline nanoparticles yields this morphological adapted system with the following properties:

  • Four different emission colors in the visible range available: green, yellow, orange and red (corresponding to 530, 560, 590 and 620 nm emission maximum)
  • Narrow fluorescence band owing to uniform size distribution
  • Very high quantum efficiency, structure-related
  • Two- to four-fold increased brightnes compared to conventional dots
  • Strongly enhanced fluorescence stability against heat and illumination
  • Homogeneously dispersable in polar or unpolar solvents (standard: hexane)
  • Simultaneous excitation of particles with different emission maxima with light typically between 360 and 480 nm possible

Due to the changes of the particle system elongated CdSe/CdS core/shell nanoparticles result. The usage of high temperatures during the synthesis allows a homogenous growth of all applied materials and therefore efficiently shields the core. Thus, the intrinsic properties of the nanocrystal are preserved and extremely high brightnes as well as enhanced stability against outer influences result for these particles. Furthermore this new Series possesses an optimized processability in various materials, like plastics or polymers.

Our newest deployment in the area of our fluorescent nanoparticles from Series A combine very high quantum efficiencies above 60% and an intense absorption coefficient below 450 nm. This makes the particles ideal for applications where a maximum in fluorescence intensity is needed.

Dr. Jan Niehaus

Dr. Jan Niehaus

Dr. Christoph Gimmler

Dr. Christoph Gimmler

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