Patents play a crucial role in building a competitive advantage with innovative ideas. Patents protect the knowledge acquired and enable its subsequent exploitation.

CAN GmbH is the interface between science and the economy in all business areas looking for interesting innovations that could be patentable. Once an idea is clearly formulated, we – sometimes with support from partners – do an initial assessment. This entails a rough information search in literature and patent databases supplemented by an initial market analysis. If all the information gathered indicates the idea can be patented, we formulate the actual application text together with a patent attorney.

Before publication of the patent application 18 months after the priority date, we try to transfer the technology to a product formulation or an industrial collaboration.

Inventions resulting from joint projects are likewise an important basis for further exploitation. In this case the partners agree on the respective invention shares. The details will be regulated in a separate written agreement with the customary, reasonable terms and conditions.

Overview of our patent applications (a selection)

Dr. Frank Schroeder-Oeynhausen

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Dr. Frank Schroeder-Oeynhausen